DBurkeDesigns: Bookcases
special pieces

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Natural cherry bookcase; six-units, adjustable shelves; display units with glass shelves and overhead lights;
6' height x 13' width x 14" deep.
Natural cherry bookcase on a Lazy Susan base;
28" height x 16" width x 16" depth.
Combination cabinet/bookcase;
red oak, natural finish.
Cabinet is 24" height x 30" width x 18" depth;
bookcase is 48" height x 30" width x 12" depth.
Dark walnut-stained red oak.
Pennsylvania cherry stain on cherry;
slanted shelves make easier reading of titles;
25"height x 22" width x 8" depth.
Natural red oak bookcase
Cherry-stained oak bookcase;
shelves lift off to disassemble bookcase;
42" height x 48" width x 16" depth.
Dark walnut-stained red oak.

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