I have worked with wood for over two decades, building furniture, then learning the craft of building jewelry and keepsake boxes.
During this time I have learned from a number of wonderful woodworkers, including Richard Gordon, Stephen Proctor and Doug Stowe.
My work is shown at the Artisans United Gallery, Annandale, VA, at the Bodzin Art Gallery of the Jewish Community Center, Fairfax, VA;
at the UU Gallery Exhibition, Richmond, VA, at the Barn Show, Timberville, VA, and at the gift shop of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA.

In building a piece, two concepts underlie my designs: to create pieces that highlight the wood grain and color and to build pieces that one
wants to touch and use. Thus, I use relatively simple designs based on squares, rectangles and gentle curves,
and often incorporate woods of different colors into the piece.

I use native American woods, many from managed forests, and exotic woods or natural materials when they can add a unique feature.
All furniture and boxes can be made in woods or combinations of woods, other than those shown, and to dimensions that fit your needs.

I would be happy to work with you to develop a custom-designed piece for your home.

For questions, consultations and pricing, contact: dburkedesigns@cox.net

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Special Pieces

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